Top Gear

The widely-acclaimed British TV series Top Gear needs little introduction to car enthusiasts (and non-car enthusiasts) around the world. A cult following meant things were going to be shaken up when the old hosts departed the show... but in 2018, the BBC production team cranked the needle up to 11, and are once again garnering rave reviews.

For this season (25), the crew traveled to the States, and I got the ring to shoot stills for two episodes. The first was shot in remote northern California, where the urban legend Bigfoot resides... and a good excuse to implement equally unbelievable off-road vehicles. The second episode, featuring the ludacris 840hp Dodge Demon, took place in the desert of Nevada, the Las Vegas Drag Strip, and ending at the NASA Research Center in Palmdale, CA where the 9.65s 1/4 mile monster would gingerly help land a high-altitude aircraft on two skinny wheels. No dull moments on the Top Gear set.

Documenting the production while staying out of the numerous shots, and being completely silent was a unique challenge. The hard-working crew that pieced these episodes together are a rare, innovative, comedic, creative breed... now, I sit back and enjoy the show!

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