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In Britain, a “weekend away in the country” generally means a welly-clad tramp across a muddy field, a poke around an antiques shop, maybe even a teacake or two. In America, however, they take the whole “weekend away in the country” thing rather more seriously. Barbecues the size of bison, tents the size of even-larger bison and, most importantly, a trailer full of off-road toys. We’re talking ATVs, dirt bikes, personal tanks. These off-road toys are big business in the States, and Matt LeBlanc said he wanted to know which was the most fun for a weekend away in the country.

So he rounded up a literal truckload of the things and headed deep into the Californian wilderness equipped with nothing but a house-sized tent, several hundred kilos of meat, and a Chris Harris to help erect the former and eat the latter. Upon arrival in the wilderness, Matt disclosed he may have had an ulterior motive for bringing a bunch of all-terrain vehicles into the forests of upstate California. Things got a bit… Revenant.

BBC gave me the ring to shoot stills during the 3-days of filming madness in remote Bigfoot Country. The hard-working crew that pieces these episodes together are a rare, innovative, comedic, creative breed.
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